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1.3 Million Indonesians Work in Automobile Industry

JAKARTA— Vice President of RI Jusuf Kalla in his speech during the opening ceremony of GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show(GIIAS) 2015 in Thursday 20 August 2015 said that automobile industry plays an important role in generating national economy.

Data at the Ministry of Industry indicate that automotive sector creates jobs for some 1.3 million people. They work in assembly plants, car component industry, showrooms, workshops, financing, and aftersales services.

The Vice President added that automobile industry dos not stand alone to support itself. But instead, it has close interdependent relationships with its industrial partners. The growth of automobile industry helps trigger the supporting industries to produce materials to be supplied to automobile industry. With vast industrial network of suppliers, automobile industry and its supporting services provides jobs to workforces.

With such important role that automobile industry plays, the Government comes to realise to take into account of it as one of national main industrial pillars. Apart from producing motor vehicle on which people’s needs for transportation rely, it also has importance in providing job opportunity to millions.

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