The Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) is a non-profit organisation. All members of GAIKINDO are companies of brand-holder agents (APM) that comprise producers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Established in 1969, GAIKINDO assumes domestic and international roles. Domestically, GAIKINDO facilitates its members’ interests in relation with the Government’s policies regarding the automotive industry. This includes policies on industry and trade, energy, tax, safety standards, the use of technology, and environment. In global role, GAIKINDO is a partner of the automotive industry associations in various countries. This is mainly with associations in the countries where automotive industry becomes the backbone of the economy, and in particular with the principal countries whose products enter the Indonesian automotive market.

In its capacity in the homeland and global roles, nowadays GAIKINDO contributes to the development of the industry that leads to the production of environmentally-friendly cars (green car). This is in accordance with national and international trends that require motor vehicles that meet the various requirements for ecological challenges. It starts from the necessity of efficient engines (fuel efficient and low emissions), electrical energy, the use of lightweight and strong materials, as well as features that support the safety of motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

To promote green technology products, GAIKINDO holds international automotive exhibition each year, GAIKINDO Indonesia International Motor Show (GIIAS), in conjunction with Indonesia International Automotive Conference (IIAC) as an arena for the exchange of information between the Government of Indonesia and the national and international automotive industry. Motor show is also meant to disseminate information of global automotive development. In addition, GAIKINDO also encourages national automotive industry to participate in the socio-humanitarian activitie


The Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO)

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