Transport Minister Urges Public not to Rely on East Brebes Toll

brebes3JAKARTA—Peak of traffic flow during long holidays at the end of December is expected to occur on Friday, 23 December 2016. The estimation came from the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi. In order to avoid heavy traffic congestion, he was attending a meeting conducted in coordination National Police Traffic Office (Korlantas POLRI), Wednesday 21 December 2016.

Ministry of Transportation is coordinating with all stakeholders. They, among other, The Korlantas POLRI, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Ministry of Health, the Toll Road Management, Jasa Marga, and Pertamina. They prepared a smooth traffic during the long holidays.

“We urge road users to participate to follow the guidance that was planned in anticipation of congestion,” said the Minister.

He hoped that travellers prepare for travel schedule well. They need to pick the varied travel schedules and routes. They should not only rely on a certain path and can also set the time so as not to get jammed in the same favourite route.

“Construction of East Brebes Toll Exit (Brexit) has not been completed at this time. We urge that travellers take the south path or non-toll lanes,” he said.

The clogged traffic was predicted to occur at East Brebes Toll Exit. The Korlantas intensified traffic regulation since at Toll Gate Cikarang. Once the queue reaches the five kilometers, travellers will be directed away from the previous toll booths, the one at Pejagan example. The other options is that travellers will be redirected to the non-toll roads. (*)