Mobile Gas Stations by Pertamina for Lebaran Homecoming Cars in Traffic Jam

JAKARTA— State-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina launches a fleet of supply of fuel to ensure the extraornidarily high traffic of 2017 Lebaran homecoming eve. The readiness of fuel supply from Pertamina is mainly directed in the northern coastal area of Central Java, which is anticipated to be the traffic hot spot. Even if there is congestion at the exit toll section, at least travelers will have no trouble getting fuel supply.

Pertamina is to prepare 831 units of tank lorries for the peak of the Lebaran homecoming traffic. The amount is not only to serve the anticipated region, but throughout Java Island. All truckloads are capable of transporting the fuel capacity of 18,456 kiloliters. Another step taken by Pertamina is to hold “36 Pertamax Kiosks” and “10 Pertamax Terraces”, all of which are still focused in Central Java.

Each of the fleet serves as a “mobile gas station” with a dispenser, and stands by in a number of rest areas. Furthermore, Pertamina also prepares 10-litter canned fuel for travellers in case out of gas on their way.

Even Pertamina also dares to penetrate traffic congestion by deploying 19 units of motorbike as the spearhead of fuel outlets. Pertamina’s motorcycle troopers are desingnated to serve travellers that run out of fuel on the clogged traffic. “They are able to reach the location of travelers who need fuel. There is a phone number people can reach for fuel supply,” said Pertamina President Director Mr Elia Massa Manik.

Pertamina’s efforts are aimed at reducing the buildup of vehicle queues at gas stations. In addition, this is also to ensure that traffic would not stop completely due to vehicles running out of fuel in areas far from gas stations.

Pertamina Corporate Communication VP Mr Adiatma Sardjito said Pertamina will also focus on Lampung. (*)