Pertamax Turbo Is the only Fuel of Pertamina to Comply with Euro IV

JAKARTA– Pertamina acknowledges that it only produces Pertamax Turbo fuel to meet the Euro IV standard emission specifications. Other types of fuels such as Pertalite and Pertamax still comply with older standard: the Euro II.¬†Adiatma Sardjito (Pertamina’s Corporate Communication Vice President) explained, this was due to the fact that the company only has one refinery to produce fuel complying with the Euro IV Standard.

“For other refineries, standards are being upgraded to be able to produce fuel with Euro IV emission standard,” he said.

Pertamina’s target of three other refineries will be completed by 2021, so that in that year all types of fuel sold by Pertamina can meet Euro IV emission standard. “The distribution will also be checked and we will expand it to all of our gas stations,” he said.

Since the Pertamax Turbo is produced at the Balongan refinery, the distribution is still limited around Jakarta, West Java, and Banten. But Pertamina will try to expand it so that people all over the country can obtain the fuel. A new regulation by Indonesia Government requires that as of early October 2018, the latest car with a gasoline engine is required to have Euro IV emission standard.

The Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 20 of 2017 concerning the quality standards of vehicle exhaust emissions explains that most importantly the spark (gasoline) with parameters: minimum RON 91, undetectable minimum lead (Pb) content and sulfur content maximum of 50 ppm. Pertamax Turbo has a specification of sulfur content below 50 ppm, so it is in accordance with Euro IV. (*)