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Government to Install Nationwide New Road Traffic Signs


JAKARTA— The Ministry of Transportation is about to propose IDR 1.5 trillion budget in a bid to install new national road traffic signs in 2016. Minister of Transportation Mr Ignasisus Jonan said in mid September 2015 that road traffic sign plays important role to give crucial information to drivers for safety.
The Minister said that he found many roads remaining without adequate traffic signs. “This happens in some provinces that I visited,” he said.
Such condition poses danger to drivers. He insists on the importance of traffic safety of all transportation modes— land, sea, and air transports. He said that Government always encourages all effort to improve traffic safety and to reduce traffic accident.
“In 2016, the Ministry will spend 20% of its budget to increase traffic safety. We are still concerned about traffic accident and very determined to slow it down,” he said.
The 2016 State Budget Plan (RAPBN) indicates that the Ministry of Transportation is among those that will receive budget allocation up to IDR 50.16 trillion.