To Protect Consumers, Ministry of Industry Require SNI-Standardised Lubricants

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Industry officially enforces the regulation of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) for lubricants set on September 5, 2018. The regulation is claimed to aim at providing protection for consumers, creating a healthy business competition climate, and increasing the competitiveness of the national lubricating industry.

Through the Regulation of the Minister of Industry No.25 / 2018 concerning the Enforcement of the Indonesian National Standard Obligatory Lubricants, the government requires all lubricants circulating in the country, both domestic and imported, to apply SNI.

“Business actors that produce, import, and or distribute lubricants are obliged to fulfill the mandatory SNI requirements,” the Article 6 says.

The regulation also states, to obtain a Product Certificate for the Use of SNI Lubricant Signs (SPPT-SNI), lubricant producers submit applications for issuance of SPPT-SNI Lubricants to LSPro which have been accredited by KAN in accordance with the scope of SNI Lubricants appointed by the Minister.

To obtain the SPPT-SNI, producers must also fulfill administrative requirements related to the company. Meanwhile, for foreign companies, it is mandatory to appoint one of the representatives in the country as an importer and only import lubricants from foreign manufacturers who make appointments.

In addition, the outstanding lubricant must include the SNI logo. Domestic producers and lubricant importers are the parties responsible for the quality of outstanding lubricants.

Meanwhile, if it does not violate the provisions, the government imposes criminal sanctions in accordance with the provisions of Law No.3 / 2014 concerning Industry. The witness was accompanied by the revocation of SPPT-SNI Lubricants. (Tempo)