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Imported Used Trucks, Beyond GAIKINDO’s Responsibility for Service and Spare Parts



JAKARTA— Imported used trucks to Indonesia, when later experience mechanical troubles and need spareparts, are beyond the responsibility of truck distributors and manufacturers of GAIKINDO (the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries) members (APMs). The used trucks are imported by traders (importers) instead of the AMPs, that’s why.

“Importation of the used trucks alone does not involve APMs. It makes sense that APMs are not subject to being responsible to provide mechanical services and spare parts for those imported used trucks,” said Mr Jongkie D Sugiarto (1st Chairman of GAIKINDO) in Jakarta on Tuesday 2 February 2016.

The existing APMs in Indonesia can only be hold responsible for trucks that each of them produce and sell. The APMs’ responsibility over their products is a part of manifestation to fulfill and to protect customers’ rights. “Consumers of the imported used trucks are eligible to claim such rights when their trucks experience troubles,” said Mr Jongkie.

Some brands that market trucks through APMs in Indonesia include Mitsubishi-FUSO, Nissan Diesel, Hino, FAW, Isuzu, Mercedes-Benz. To be certain, those trucks distributed by the APMs are all new. The APMs are organised under GAIKINDO, along with other APMs that manufacture and distribute car models in Indonesia. “GAIKINDO would rather say that there is no need to import used trucks since we have new trucks in store, produced and distributed by those APMs,” said Mr Jongkie.

Some imported trucks are the same brands as that sold in Indonesia market by the APMs. But they are imported through general trading, services and spare parts of the imported trucks are not eligible for APMs’ services. “The APMs might have been held responsible if the importation was conducted by the APMs. But it isn’t clear whether there is any ATM willing to import used trucks,” said Mr Jongkie. (*)