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With Support from Palm Oil Fund, Pertamina Produces Biodiesel 15%


Pertamina, provider of fuel for transportation in Indonesia, says that it has succeeded in the programme to produce a mixture of palm oil (biofuel) with diesel oil. The product is called biodiesel 15% (B 15), according to Pertamina’s Marketing Director Mr Ahmad Bambang to the media in early September 2015.

To produce the B 15 fuel, Pertamina finds support from Palm Oil Fund under the management of Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Body. Production of the B 15 fuel is in accordance with Regulation of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Number 12 in 2015.

“The Ministry will ensure that the fund is actually used to support biodiesel fuel production in responsible and accountable manner. The Ministry’s control will be made through verification over the biodiesel distributed,” said Mr Ahmad Bambang.

Since its implementation in last August through December 2015 biofuel production is estimated to reach 1.7 million kilo liters where 0.77 million kilo liter of which are allocated to be mixed with diesel fuel to produce biodiesel.

Production of palm oil-based biofuel began on 26 August 2015. In 2016 Pertamina will improve its capacity to comply with mandatory production of B 20. The use of biodiesel will save some USD 2.71 billion.