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KBH2 Production and Demand Soaring

Motor vehicle with efficient fuel and affordable price (KBH2) made a breakthrough in Indonesian automotive industry in 2013. This had to do with the development of environmentally friendly car (green car) in the Asia-Pacific region, where Indonesia has been participating in the support of “APEC-AD 1st Workshop “.

The support was declared in the international automotive conference, or better known as the 8th IIAC (Indonesian Automotive International Conference) in 2013 with the theme “Facilitating the Development of Environmentally Friendly Cars”. Since then stakeholders of the Indonesian automotive industry began to participate in developing environmentally friendly cars at affordable prices gradually.

Manufacturers have been mobilising all capabilities and resources to provide the best KBH2 products. Meanwhile, the government provides support in terms of policies— fiscal and other policies— to encourage investment into the Indonesian automotive sector.

 KBH2 Growing Optimism

Since the launching at the beginning of Semester 2 in 2013, KBH2 products received a positive response from the public. Throughout 2013, KBH2 products sold 51,180 units, and instantly achieved a market share of 8.2% of total car sales in Indonesia in the second half in 2013.



Even in 2014 KBH2 sales got shot. In the first half of 2014 sales increased to 67.3% from the previous semester. In Semester 2 of 2014, when the Indonesian and global economic conditions began to decline, KBH2 sales even increased 1%. Overall vehicle sales in this period fell by nearly 12%.

Entering 2015 when the economy is still dwindled, overall vehicle sale in Semester 1 is dimming up to 7.1%. Although KBH2 sales in this period was also down 5.1%, at the end of the Semester 1 of this year (in May and June), KBH2 sale is still growing.

There are opportunities for the industrial breakthrough made in 2013 to grow towards positive direction and to make the Indonesian automotive industry a trigger of the nation’s optimism.