Indonesia International Auto Show by GAIKINDO Staged on 10-20 August 2017

655-otomotif_pameranJAKARTA— The largest car show in Indonesia by the Association of Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) in 2017 will take place on 10 to 20 August. GAIKINDO promises the exhibition entitled GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) this time will be more attractive than ever.

GIIAS also still uses ICE BSD building in Tangerang (Banten) as the venue. Chairman of GAIKINDO Mr Yohannes Nangoi refers to GIIAS 2016 as a success. This became the motivation for GAIKINDO to stage GIIAS 2017. Apart from being successful, GIIAS also makes a significant contribution to the automotive industry in Indonesia. Indonesia has begun come up to attract the attention in Asia and the world as a potential car market.

As a member of the International Association of the Automotive Industry (OICA), GAIKINDO is committed to consistently implementing staging a quality automotive exhibition, one of which is reflected in the logo used since the beginning GIIAS took place in 2015. GIIAS logo applies elements that combine automotive future with the car icon of turbo technology in gold, reflecting GIIAS’ forward move towards the future, dynamically and constantly adapting to changes in to achieve success. The gold colour symbolises passion, courage, and consistency.

GIIAS exhibition concept was no longer to be positioned only as a platform to sell its automotive products. GIIAS is an exhibition that promotes the advancement and development of automotive technology. GIIAS in the future will be a reference for all stakeholders in the automotive industry in Indonesia, as a place to gain insight and a place to exchange the latest information on automotive industry.

Mr Yohannes Nangoi expressed the wish for GAIKINDO to continue to develop standards for the implementation of GIIAS. “We want to be an accountable World-class GIIAS Auto Show. So we must continue to evolve, what is good now will be better off,” he said. (*)