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GAIKINDO: The Show Must Go on

JAKARTA— The Association of the Indonesian Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO) is striving for the growth of the Indonesian automotive industry amid the global pandemic. One of the efforts that GAIKINDO consistently carries out is to hold the car exhibition— 2020 GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). Originally, this year’s exhibition is planned to take place in Surabaya (East Java), Jakarta (BSD City), Makassar (South Sulawesi), and Medan (North Sumatra).

The pandemic was responded to by the government with an emergency status until 29 May 2020. On that basis, GAIKINDO assumed that with high discipline by the public and the alertness of government agency officials, by June 2020 the condition is expectedly to begin to improve from a pandemic. And then in July 2020 the overall condition of the country will begin to return to normal, including the condition of the Indonesian economy.

With some of the above considerations, GAIKINDO takes a number of important decisions regarding the holding of the GIIAS 2020 The Series. The first is to concentrate on hold two major GIIAS exhibitions this year, namely the GIIAS Surabaya 2020 and 28th GIIAS BSD-City. Meanwhile, the Makassar GIIAS and the Medan GIIAS are about to be held again in 2021.

GAIKINDO Chairperson Yohannes Nangoi stated that this decision had been considered and was the result of a joint discussion. GAIKINDO must think ahead, that various factors must be prioritized, such as public health and safety, the country’s economic condition. “We must also consider the interests of the industry, that the automotive industry will need time to recover, but also needs to revive. Therefore, we decided to try to keep going on with the GIIAS 2020, this is the focus of our concentration now, with some adjustments,” he said.

Still Providing the Best Performance

By thinking of industry needs and visitor satisfaction, GAIKINDO plans to continue to hold the GIIAS The Series as before. GAIKINDO plans to adjust the time of implementation of GIIAS Surabaya and 28th GIIAS BSD-City. GAIKINDO Chairman III Rizwan Alamsjah, who is also the head of the GIIAS exhibition, revealed that some of the adjustments includes a shift in the dates of events and a reduction in the duration of the GIIAS Surabaya 2020. GAIKINDO had to make adjustments to focus on meeting industry’s needs and prioritizing the safety and comfort of visitors.

“We reached a conclusion that shifting the date of the event is the best choice. The GIIAS Surabaya 2020 will take place in September 2020. While the 28th GIIAS BSD City will take place in October 2020,” he said.

He added that the plan was based on prediction of emergency response set by the government and weighing the preparation time needed to prepare for the exhibition. Plans for organizing the GIIAS 2020 The Series date will go as follows GIIAS Surabaya 2020 (2-6 September 2020) at the Grand City Convex Surabaya. Meanwhile, 28th GIIAS 2020 BS City (October 22-November 1 2020) at the Indonesia Convention Exhibtion (ICE).

Rizwan Alamsjah reiterated his belief that the GIIAS 2020 The Series will be the most appropriate venue to jointly revive the Indonesian automotive industry. GAIKINDO believes that with time adjustments, the GIIAS The Series exhibition will remain the best choice for automotive industry brand holders (APM) to revive. “This also shows the spirit of achievement through a variety of products and the latest innovations to the community, and again meet their needs in 2020,” said Rizwan.

The presence of GIIAS The Series in this year which is full of very heavy blows is proof of the consistency and efforts of the automotive industry to keep moving forward for the people of Indonesia. “Hopefully this pandemic can be resolved soon and we can all return to the activities of advancing the industry, and the public can enjoy the best offerings from GIIAS 2020 The Series,” he said. (*)