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GIIAS 2015 Expected to Have Positive Impact on Domestic Market


JAKARTA— Automobile exhibition GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2015 entered a third day today, Saturday (22 August 2015). The atmosphere of the weekend saw the crowd of visitors attending the venue of the GIIAS 2015 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) City.
The crowds of visitors are likely to create opportunity of transactions during the exhibition which taking place for 11 days from 20 to 30 August. Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry Association (GAIKINDO) Mr Sudirman MR said in his speech at the opening of the exhibition, there is expectation that the event can help improve the domestic automotive market through increased sales amidst the ailing global economic condition. The domestic automotive market in the rest of the second half of the year is likely to improve with the help of exhibitions on an international scale.
Visitors and people’s positive response of towards the GIIAS 2015 is expected to become a kind of reflection on the movement of car market through the rest of the second half of 2015. If GIIAS makes good transaction, national sales are expected in 2015 to be close to that in 2014. GAIKINDO is targeting domestic sales of 2015 to reach between 950 thousand to one million units.
Domestic market during Semester 1 (January-June) in 2015 booked 525,458 units. The figures shrink 18% from 642,110 units during the same period in 2014. 
 The decline in sales is not only happening in Indonesia. The main markets in ASEAN, Thailand also decreased by approximately 16%. ASEAN market overall decreased by approximately 7%. But until June 2015, Indonesia still dominates the domestic market among ASEAN countries with 35% of total ASEAN market. (*)