2015 Indonesian Transportation Exhibition Facilitating GAIKIDO Member


JAKARTA— PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia (HMSI), one of GAIKINDO members, took part in 2015 Transportation Exhibition. The exhibition took place at SMESCO Building Jakarta from 16 through 18 September 2015.

“This participation signifies Hino’s commitment to contribute to the development of transportation in Indonesia and the national automotive industry,” said Director of Sales and Promotion of HMSI Mr Santiko Wardoyo.

The exhibition was held at the light of the National Transportation Day. The second exhibition comprised some activities, such as seminar and business forum, highlighting a theme “Strengthening Safety and Quality of Public Transportation Services”.

The exhibition head, Mr Suroyo Alimoeso, signified the importance transportation safety and services. He hoped the exhibition will help encourage all stakeholders of transportation sector to prioritise transportation safety and services.

The exhibition found support from Ministry of Transportation, Jakarta Provincial Government, Police Department. Regulations on transportation will only effective with support of stakeholders and transportation industry.