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GIIAS Proven to Enhance Indonesia Automotive Industry


JAKARTA— Entering 2016, the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industry (GAIKINDO) is determined to launch GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2016. The GIIAS 2016 will take place from 11 through 21 August at Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Jakarta outskirt.

Being the only official car exhibition by GAIKINDO, the GIIAS has obtained recognition and accreditation from Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’ Automobiles (OICA). In 2015, GIIAS succeeded in attracting public’s attention and enthusiasm. A great number of visitors came up to a series of car exhibitions under GIIAS brand in Jakarta, Makassar, and Surabaya.

Through 2015, a series of car exhibition under GIIAS name booked 21,658 units of sales and IDR 6.3 trillion transaction. Car sales during GIIAS exhibitions also clearly contributed to meaningful additional car sales in Indonesia in that year.

GAIKINDO saw a rising car wholesales in the second semester of 2015, after a slowdown during the first semester, compared to that during the same period in 2014. During August-November 2015, average monthly car sales were above 90,000 units. In a whole, total car wholesales in 2015 from January through December reached 1,013,291 units.

Despite some 1.6 percent slump of car sales in 2015 (compared to that in 2014), the volume is still above GAIKINDO’s prediction by 1 million units. “What GIIAS has contributed to the domestic car sales proves that the exhibition succeeds in attracting the enthusiastic consumers. The hard works that involved some 22,000 people during the exhibitions has led to a significant impact to Indonesia automotive industry and to Indonesia economic growth, as well. GIIAS also helps boost the growth of other industries— hotels, restaurants, and transportation—around the venues where the exhibitions take place,” said Mr Sudirman.

Such success encourages GAIKINDO to continue bolstering its commitment to improve GIIAS to the world’s level. GAIKINDO Chairman Mr Sudirman MR expressed his proudness as car exhibitions under GIIAS name have proven in contributing significantly to Indonesia automotive industry growth through 2015.

“This is going to the second consecutive year for us to hold GIIAS, promoting this exhibition to the world’s class level. Indonesia has won Asia and even the world’s attention in becoming a potential market,” he said.

Mr Sudirman went on, in the long run GAIKINDO need to make further improvements to bring GIIAS to become the biggest car exhibition in Asia and to win the world’s recognition.

Meanwhile, the Chief Organiser of GIIAS Mr Johnny Darmawan claims that he sees high potentials of GIIAS that takes the prestigious car exhibition to a level so popular that it succeeds in attracting numerous visitors. GIIAS has also become best option for exhibitors to showcase their new products. “GIIAS is a place for car manufacturers and agents (APM) and consumers to merge in a mutual event. There are lineups of new cars with new technologies and entertainments, as well,” he said.

This year GIIAS is occupying 5,000 square meters more spaces, taking itself to a world’s class car exhibition. It also provides best facilities for exhibitors and visitors in every venue it is held— BSD City, Makassar, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru— a new venue that enters GIIAS list in 2016. (*)