To Improve Road Safety, GAIKINDO Cooperates with Ministry of Transportation


JAKARTA – The Association of Indonesian Automotive Industry (GAIKINDO) is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation to conduct periodic tests of online taxis. This initiative begins with the government’s rule that requires online taxis to perform regular checks on periodical basis— the same rule that the government applies to the conventional taxis.

According to the Director General of Land Transportation Mr Pudji Hartanto Iskandar, the opportunity to conduct free checks for online taxis was open until 1 June 2017. GAIKINDO was chosen as the government partner to implement the mechanical checks considering the technical equipments owned by brand holder agents (APM) of GAIKINDO members.

“There is GAIKINDO with its members to cooperate with the Ministry of Transportation,” said Mr Pudji Hartanto.

Chairman I of GAIKINDO Mr Jongkie D Sugiarto said he had coordinated with the Directorate General of Land Transportation Ministry of Transportation regarding this rule. “The checks takes place at the official APM workshop,” said Mr Jongkie.

The government, in this case the Ministry of Transportation, feels the need to develop partnership with private sector from the APMs as executors of the checks because the government’s workshop is no longer able to accommodate the increasing number of online taxis. The government only has few workshops, while the number of cars to be tested keep increasing in number.

GAIKINDO welcomes the government’s trust to conduct regular checks on online taxi. GAIKINDO sees that the move must be done well in order to prevent accidents and minimise casualties among the general public of online taxi service users.

The first step to provide periodic check service has been done by one of GAIKINDO’s member, Hino when it launched a test workshop PT Hibaindo Armada Motor (HAM). With an investment of around Rp 5 billion, Hino’s workshop is able to provide test as well as service for buses, trucks, conventional taxis, and online taxis. (*)