Car Type Test now Online

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JAKARTA— Car type test now can be administratively registered online. The mechanism refers to Minister of Transportation’s Regulation Number 144 in 2015 on 25 September 2015 stating that Director General of land Transport is eligible to provide online service for vehicle type test.

The regulation was launched to deliver improved services of vehicle type tests in quick, efficient, integrated, and transparent manners. The services include vehicle type tests, type test certificate issuance, vehicle’s design and engineering approval, and type test registration certificate issuance. The tests are conducted by the Office of Motorised Vehicle Tests (Ministry of Transportation).

The Head of Public Communications at the Ministry of Transportation Mr Julius Adravida Barata explained, the online vehicle type test uses Vehicle Type Approval application under the Regulation of Land Transport Director General. VTA is a web-based information system to support the Ministry’s performance in providing type test proposal services.

Directorate General of Land Transport conducts supervision and control over the implementation of the online vehicle type test.