Germany Car Giant Manufacturing Premium Sedan in Indonesia

numbuhJAKARTA— Mercedes-Benz started assembly of its new premium car in Indonesia. Mercedes-Benz wants to prove its commitment to improve its product in the domestic market and export.

“We encourage the Mercedes-Benz make Indonesia as a production base for the world market,” said Industry Minister Mr Airlangga Hartanto during the ceremonial first assembly unit of Mercedes-Benz’ E-Class Bogor (West Java), 24 January 2017.

The Minister said he welcomes the steps the PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia makes. In addition to creating a positive impact on the development of their business in Indonesia in the future, the E-Class production in Indonesia also supports the national economy.

“In last few years we experienced a period that was not good for the global economy,” the Minister said.

Despite the condition, the Indonesian economy is still growing above four percent. The achievement is a convenient momentum for Indonesia to maximize the automotive industry sector in supporting economic growth to get even much better.

“The momentum is supported by the fact that automotive industry is one of the leading sectors in the national industrial policy, and has a major role to national GDP until today,” said the Minister.

National automotive industry production is targeted to reach 2.5 million units by 2020. To achieve these targets, there is urgency for coordination and understanding of the vision and mission of the government and the automotive industry.

“Therefore, the government continues to support the automotive industry through a variety of policies to help it grow and develop so as that it can contribute even more to the national economy,” said the Minister.

President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia Mr Roelof Lamberts said, the company made a considerable achievement in 2016. Sales rose 11.3 percent with delivery of 2,083,888 vehicles to customers worldwide. “Local assembly of the E-Class models in Indonesia will continue the success story of our Bogor plant,” said Mr Roelof. (*)