Car Technology at the Top to Attract Consumers



A study in the US by JD Power released in 2015 summed up that technology has become a top chart in car marketing. The conclusion is based on 30 percent consumers saying that car technology is the reason they choose a car to buy. The survey involved 28,983 respondents who purchased cars in cash and credit during the previous year. The survey was conducted from November 2013 through October 2014.

Owners of luxury cars who said that to-date technology was the reason to buy comprised 43 percent. Most of them bought Lincoln, Infiniti, Cadillac, and Audi. Meanwhile, 28 percent non-luxury car owners said they sought cars with most recent technology. Owners of Mazda, Buick, and Chrysler are those attracted most to technology in buying a car.

On 30 July 2015, Arianne Walker, a media senior director and car marketing said, “Targeting the technology freaks with the right message is an important strategy for an effective marketing to find consumers who eventually decide to buy car based on new technology in it.”

The interesting finding in this survey is that it is demographically borderless. “Not every young guys care about technology, and not only young guys pays attention to technology,” said Walker to Automotive News. Respondents who take the new technology into account in buying cars came from those whose age was under 34, almost the same as those who were above 55 years old. About 31 percent of each age group shows attraction to technology.

Consumers who crave for technology tend to read media more. The spend times surfing the internet, watching TV, and reading magazines much longer than those who think that technology does not matter. Almost 70 percent of new car consumers said they used websites or the most popular social media applications— Facebook, Linkedln, and Pinterest.